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Arek and Aga are a couple of journalists and photographers based in Gdansk, Poland. Arek is also an editor and staff writer for Sztuka Lowienia (The Art of Fly-fishing), Poland’s first fly culture magazine. In their photography, they focus primarily on the lifestyle, travel, people and landscapes of fly-fishing.

Arek and Aga believe that chasing various fish species with a fly rod can be fascinating on any water – from the industrial canals of big cities to the wild and frigid waters of mountain streams. These days, they are more likely to be found stalking their quary with his DSLR than their fly rod. Their passion for documenting all the beauty, passion and emotions inextricably linked to the fly fishing world knows no bounds.

Arek’s photos and articles have appeared in various publications, including Sztuka Lowienia, MidCurrent, This is Fly, Tail Fly Fishing Magazine, Swedish Fiskefeber, and The Flyfish Journal. Arek also won in several photo contests and got cover shots including: the Grand Prize Winner of Trout Unlimited’s 2014 Photo Contest, the Grand Prize Winner of Fly Fishers International’s 2015 Photo Contest and the 2nd Prize Winner of Tail Fly Fishing Magazine.

Please feel free to contact Arek and Aga if you are interested in purchasing any of the images published on this website, or in pursuing any fly fishing or outdoor collaborations.